District of Columbia

Why Get Lawn Care in District of Columbia?

Lawn maintenance is an important aspect of caring for one's home. With routine lawn care, District of Columbia residents can make sure that their lawns garner the attention they deserve. Excellent lawn care boosts curb appeal and provides guests with a lasting impression of your home. In addition to making your home more beautiful, it can also defend against invasive pests and diseases, as well as help you avoid expensive water damage repairs.

By performing effective lawn care, District of Columbia homes can increase their financial value and livability. However, it can be challenging to achieve without any help. There are a number of lawn care District of Columbia companies that can help you in providing the tools, products, and know how needed to create your home's most important green space.

Information Regarding Lawn Care in the South

Due to its humid and moderate climate year-round, the warm season grasses of Southern lawns grow high in the spring and summer while remaining dormant in the fall and winter. As a result, most of the strenuous mowing work occurs during the warm seasons when grass is growing at its fastest rate.

Keep these things in mind when performing lawn care in District of Columbia:

  • Warm season grasses generally go dormant in the cooler seasons. While this doesn’t signify anything wrong with the grass, many homeowners may feel compelled to fertilize or overhaul their lawn to revive it. In actuality, the occasional watering and fertilizing are all it needs to ensure a full revival in the spring.
  • During dry winters, Southern lawns will require some water to stay vibrant. Try watering once a week for 15 minutes.
  • One of the best qualities of warm season grass is that is thrives in just about any type of soil. By being able to tolerate heat and drought, warm season grasses are often stronger and healthier than their cool season counterparts.
  • Overseeding Southern lawns should ideally take place in the winter when the grass is dormant. It gives plenty of time for the grass to root before spring arrives. Fertilizing overseeded lawns should also be complete before the start of the warm season.
  • Herbicides are best applied to lawns during the transitional seasons. Due to the extreme temperatures of the winter and summer, applying them in the middle of winter or summer is ineffective and may damage the plants.

Time, money, and patience are needed when taking care of one's lawn. Why not ask a lawn service to assist you? Experienced lawn care District of Columbia companies are often more capable of understanding local soil and grass types than individual homeowners. A lawn care company in District of Columbia can help those who are either having trouble getting their lawns to grow or simply don't have the time to tend to their lawns. Improve your lawn today!


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